July 23, 2015

The TripIndulge Virtual Office

The TripIndulge Virtual Office©

The TripIndulge Virtual Office is a web-based application you access from your home computer or personal mobile device anywhere with an internet or WiFi connection.  It provides a turnkey business solution to learn, operate and grow your travel practice.  



Agent Directory

Every Agent has their own profile and contact information listed in our Agent directory. This is more than a list of agents; its a basis for social and business networking and gives you a powerful way to collaborate on common goals or to seek ideas from your peers when encountering a problem. Your profile also contains a section where you can check any required courses you need to complete as well as ensure you have receieved credit for those courses you have completed.

Booking Tools

TripIndulge provides several different booking tools to make reservations on behalf of your clients. As a member of Vacation.com we extend our Agent Universe credentials to each agent allowing access to book packaged vacations, published air, consolidator air, three different hotel programs and over 20 cruise lines. We also have preferred supplier relationships with most major hotel brands and booking links to six rental car companies and the Globus Family of Travel brands. We are always adding new tools as we find exceptional suppliers that fit our marketing and sales strategy.

Digital Manual

We have created a digital reference manual that contains administrative and as well as operational guidance for travel operations. This gives you an ability to quickly reference specific user instructions for various travel tools without having to leave the Virtual Office. As a digital resource it is more than just text; incorporating links to outside resources, videos and reference documents you can use in your business.

TripIndulge University

The TripIndulge University is our learning management system and e-learning portal. If you are a new agent this is where you will access your travel certification training, and if you're an experienced agent is where you can brush up on best practices or review an archived webinar. We believe training and education essential to our shared success and add new content to the learning library each year.

Travel Planning Resources

This section contains a series of links to common and useful information that you will find useful in planning your clients travels or answering their questions. Information on their destination, passport and visa information, airport delays and weather; the list goes on and on. As we find new tools we add them and put out a notice to let you know they are there.


If you can't communicate you can't sell travel. We provide you with a personal email account and marketing tools to use in sending your clients targeted materials to move them forward in the selling process.
We also provide you something no other agency does, a VoIP business account with a unique Tripindulge extension that allows your customers to reach you directly on your own business number. This allows you to keep your personal and business use separate and present a professional presence to your clients; all without having to invest in a new device.