July 19, 2015

Powerful Marketing Programs

No business has ever been successful without customers!  TripIndulge marketing programs are designed to grow your business by growing your client list.

Engagement Marketing

Engagement motivates your clients to take advantage of exceptional travel opportunities.  TripIndulge reviews your client profiles and identifies clients that are most apt to respond and sends them professionally designed mailers or emails on your behalf.  As a Client Base agency, all our promotions are automatically updated in your client profiles so that you know exactly what promotions have been offered.  We do all the work so you have time to turn your clients dreams into exceptional travel solutions.

Client Base, CRM

The long-term success of virtually every business depends on strong, long-lasting relationships, and today that requires an effective Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Client Base gives you instant access to your clients’ profiles, including phone numbers, email addresses, past trip information, and more.  Whether it’s an aisle seat or that annual vacation in the tropics, you’ll be able to capture and store info that helps you know each client inside-out.  Use the info to build lasting relationships as clients return to the agent who knows them best.

Promotional Events

One of the features that distinguishes TripIndulge from other host agencies is our promotional events conducted in select markets to activate clients.  We have selected 15 markets across the United States and will be expanding our promotional activities over the next several years.  As an independent agent you set your hours and marketing approach but Tripindulge will invite you to participate in our events or support your events with active marketing efforts.

Agent Marketing Tools and Resources

TripIndulge.com is a member of the Vacation.com travel consortium and has also selected preferred suppliers with exceptional marketing and promotional support for agents.  Agents have easy and intuitive access to marketing materials via the TripIndulge Virtual Office; these range from simple flyers to sophisticated virtual travel guides you can provide to your clients to motivate them to close a sale. 

Preferred Supplier Promotions

We have carefully selected preferred suppliers that offer industry best in class service and who support agents with effective marketing and promotional campaigns.  As a Tripindulge Independent Agent you benefit by being able to offer your clients exceptional deals and incentives not available to consumers booking for themselves.

Lead Generation

We operate TripIndulge.com as a lead generation platform for all of our agents.  We take great pains to keep content fresh and enticing.  While we do offer clients a self-service booking capability we find that for vacations and cruises consumers want the benefit of a travel professional to get them the best possible deal.  We estimate that 80% of our visitors will opt for the assistance of an agent and we take those requests and pass them on to you for off-line sales conversion.