Roy Arnold, President and CEO


We are at the forefront of a travel revolution.

The world contains a diverse and exciting range of cultures and destinations that have never been as accessible as they are today.

In our connected world we can communicate in real time with the most remote regions of the planet; we can learn about a country, a culture or an event happening oceans away with a click of a mouse from the comfort of our living room.

But no matter the type of media being accessed, the virtual experience is a pale imitation of the actual thing. When we travel, and especially when we travel with others, we create unique lifetime memories that enrich our lives forever and shape our understanding of the world.

Barriers to travel are also lower then at any time in history. Commercial aircraft allow us to cross oceans in hours at price points anyone can afford and modern cruise ships have become not only a means to see whole regions of the planet on a single vacation but to do so on a ship which is itself a destination rich in leisure and recreational activities.

Awareness of the world and the possibilities it offers is increasing, and along with that awareness, the need for travel professionals to help translate a traveler’s passion and vision into a well crafted travel solution.

While Internet search engines and booking sites provide a valuable tool for those who need to get from Point A to Point B and want to quickly book an airline ticket, they don’t do well at planning and arranging more complex vacations.

TripIndulge believes that everyone deserves a personal travel agent. A trained professional armed with the tools to work on their behalf to find the best deals and unique experiences that fit their vision. Using an agent is not only affordable; it can ultimately be a better value for the traveler’s dollar.

I have a vision for 2020; a social network of independent travel professionals supported by the best technology available building relationships with those in their local community and empowering their clients to experience the world with confidence.

I want to work with like-minded professionals to enrich people’s lives through travel and help them create lifetime memories.

As you review our programs, I invite you to imagine how the education, training, professional development, and business solutions TripIndulge offers can help you reinvent your life. I have been a lifelong leader and take my own spiritual nourishment from helping others achieve their dreams and goals. Join with us and embark on a path to self-fulfillment.

Your life is happening now. Now is the time to take action towards accomplishing whatever dreams or aspirations you harbor for your future. My team and I are available to talk, listen and describe the exciting opportunities we offer to assist you realizing a future as a Travel Professional.


“The world is a great book…they who never stir from home read only a page.”

Saint Augustine

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